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House M.D.

Anonymous inquired:

Do you have any anime recommendations? I watched Nagi no Asukara after seeing you post a lot about it, and I loved it!! I also really like Attack on Titan and Sword Art Online, but I'm sorta just getting into anime and so was wondering if you had some suggestions! Thanks!!

I LOVE YOUUUUUU. but literally this is my favorite thing to do. 

you started off with some of the best current anime, but you have so much to do.  im getting an action-y vibe not opposed to romance

Angel Beats- funny moving action. with the ones you watched this is the next step. stick with it even though the pilot is a bit strange. this show will change your life. 

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: do not watch just fma make sure it is fma brotherhood, there is a reason for the amazing plot animation and reboot. and congrats this is like the only dub that is amazzzzziinnnnnggg. if you have been watching dubs, do yourself the favor and do subbed it will change your life and you will get used to it easy and find yourself less irritated and that the plot doesn’t suck

the other best dub is ouran high school host club- it is funny as fuck and a classic. like i don’t know how it is possible to hate this show. except the opening song, but you will eventually sing along. 

best long term shows: inuyasha and sailor moon.

cardcaptor sakura is amazing as long as you watch sub. dub they changed the plot and it hurts my soul.

if you love sword art a lot i hear log horizon is pretty good, can’t confirm for myself but the same locked in game world storyline

black butler- kuroshitsuji- words can’t describe my love

kaichoiu maid sama- cute amazing animation amazing love story. guy and girl friendly. 

i don’t know how you feel about yaoi but honestly don’t count it out. 

Another- “horror” but not really scary just interesting and thrilling plot.

Vampire knight- school meets vampires but not twilight and it is pretty epic. 

extremely honorable mentions but i can’t keep my followers reading this long ass post but seriously watch these

Blood +    ,

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions  ,

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou ,

Otome Yokai Zakuro, 

Love Lab


Soul Eater

Fruits Basket

high school of the dead

special A

all i have mentioned can be found either on crunchyroll, netflix, or hulu.  if you need more info, more genre centered rec or anything let me know,  i can probably find you links too if those sites don’t work for you

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Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV shows:

Point Pleasant

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV shows:

Nagi No Asukara

The greatest anime ever. so fucking beautiful and the characters are amazing

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV shows:

Shingeki no kyojin: Attack on Titan.

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV shows:


Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV shows:

RDG or Red Data Girl

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV Shows:

The League

Shivakamini Somakandarkram!!!


if you aren’t watching. start. season 1-4 on netflix. $20 says you thank me.

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV Shows:

Love Lab

- these girls are idiots. I love them.

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV Shows:

Blood +

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV Shows:

Cyrano Dating Agency

anchorsandmoons’ Top TVshows:

Dagan Ronpa: The animation

anchorsandmoons’ Top TVshows:

Angel Beats! 

amazing. life changing show.  

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Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV Shows:

High School Of The Dead

(please note extreme fanservice, but great plot)

Anchorsandmoons’ Top TV shows:

Otome Youkai Zakuro