On Thursday at Warped Tour, the Of Mice & Men set was cut short. A kid went down. Immediately seeing the kid getting trampled, Austin Carlile, lead vocalist, called it out and soon medics were brought to the scene.
As soon as the kid was brought out on a stretcher, Austin turned to face the crowd and immediately said: 
“Because one of you, one of US, just got carried out on a stretcher, I need all of you to get down on one knee.” 
A few people looked around confused and unsure, but soon enough the entire mass of people dropped to the floor. A few stragglers remained standing, and Austin said, “if you don’t show your respect you can get the fuck out.”
I don’t know how many people were there, but every single person went down without a fight. It was incredible to see hundreds, maybe thousands of people join in one motion as a sign of respect.
It turns out the kid broke something in his neck but is doing alright at the moment.
I just thought I’d take the opportunity to recognize Austin as one of the few remaining musicians who truly cares about his fans more than himself, and thank him for giving me a moment I won’t forget.

Austin Carlile is probably the most genuine person ever. I can’t wait to meet him one day.

i don’t listen to them but i respect this a lot.

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